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move to a new city

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I’ve declared a date in which I will be moved by: August 1st. All other plans (school, job, etc) will be based off me moving to Richmond by said date. 1 week ago


Starting the process of composing financial projections of potential places to stay. Need to estimate amount of money able to be saved between now and then (tbd). Will complete a plan by the weekend. 4 weeks ago

CharlesW89Current Progress

Would like to leave the city I’m currently living in. Hopefully this’ll happen once I get accepted into university this fall. For now I need to work and save money. 4 weeks ago

eheis93Best Decision I Have Made

Will let you completely start over! 8 months ago


My first city I believe will either be London ON or Kingston ON 2 years ago


I’d like to live someplace that isn’t Philadelphia or Upstate New York (the only two places I’ve ever lived so far). I didn’t really know anything about Philadelphia before I moved there for college, so I’m determined that the next place I live will be thoroughly investigated first! 3 years ago


I just applied for a job in London, not sure if its such a good idea afterall, but I can’t change my mind now. So I’m trying to see the positive side of moving to a completely new place where I don’t know anyone! hmmmmmmm….. 4 years ago

lisa mcdanielUntitled

Im always up for an adventure. 4 years ago

PlayanibblerMoving to Portland, OR

I want to move to Portland, OR. Currently I live in southern OR about 300 miles from Portland. I’ve lived here my whole life, it’s my hometown, and I’m done waking up to the same bleak mountains daily.

I currently have ZERO dollars, and in order to make this move, I’m going to have to save EVERY single paycheck I make until June.

Starting Now. 4 years ago

shizzigirlLeaving on a jetplane...

Born in DC, brought home across the bridge 2 days later and haven’t left yet.

I love this city, I love the VA suburbs, I love that I hate the MD side but it’s time to leave.

I will be back. I’ve always wanted to raise kids here and I WILL be back. Before I can be back though, I have to leave. This goal goes in part with earning my associates degree. Once I accomplish that, I will be able to figure out where to go for my Bachelor’s.

Fall 2010 a decision will be made.

“this city’s made me crazy and I must get out” – Maroon Five 4 years ago

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