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go to a club and have fun while sober

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JustWellEnjoy A Nice View

If you can’t figure how to find a worthfull mood looking at something nice then you couldn’t have had enough reason in thought to apply towards an interesting night out unless something is annoying you through a past impression for some reason. 5 years ago

coralrusha lil inspiration for y'all

things that are more fun in clubs while sober:
  • making fun of drunk people
  • arguing with drunk people
  • playing with drunk people’s minds
  • dancing (if you’re a girl… sorry boys)
  • making sober friends (yes, there are sober people out there)
  • your wallet
  • rejecting gross people. especially if they’re drunk. 8 years ago

dragonfly is somewhere dreamingvery very very worth it

but… i drank water. and, and, and coffee too… oh it was glorious! i used to be able to dance from dusk till dawn. i do so miss it. 8 years ago

FlashI used to drink a little

But it was just because everyone else did… and at one point I realized that: I don’t enjoy it, it’s expensive, and it makes my body feel bad. So I stopped.

I have just as much fun as everyone else at parties and clubs—maybe more. I don’t need to drink to feel like dancing or flirting or telling crazy jokes and stories or making daring overtures to enticing strangers.

Sometimes people assume I am drinking (maybe because they are?) and later they say, “whoa, Flash, you sure were having fun at that party last night!” They assume that I must be drinking to dance so freely, laugh so loudly, talk to strangers, etc. I like knowing that I appear so uninhibited even without the influence of alcohol.

I am grateful that my personality allows me to do these things without anxiety that desires alcohol to be calmed. 8 years ago


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