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Consider joining Toastmasters:
-to become more well-versed and comfortable with speaking 5 months ago

laughalongSubgoal for "Speaking up for myself"

-Uphold my personal beliefs but still consider others and be respectful of people
-Know why I think the way I do, but also know that I’m not always obligated to explain to others
-Know that I’m allowed to disagree 20 months ago


Just to think about how far I’ve gotten: in high school once, the stop-indicating rope on the bus wasn’t working, so I just had to stay on the bus a mile past my stop until someone else finally got on! I couldn’t bring myself to ask the bus driver to stop. As if I didn’t deserve it?
Now, look at me, asking to take vacation days left and right…. :) It is still uncomfortable. I am too dependent on the other person’s positive response to feel justified in asking. 2 years ago

sami kayeUntitled

<3:] 2 years ago


it is not that i dont speak up for myself. i am crystal clear when i need to assert myself. it is only to my husband that i lack the courage to stand up and give my views. i really dont know how to work this one out! In the long run i have suffered and will ofcourse more, if i dont stand up. any tips to help me? 3 years ago

TheDoctorGirlToday happens...

... to be “I’m Not Going to Take It Anymore Day.” I was actually ready to take on anyone who was going to put me down. Unfortunately/Fortunately, everyone was shockingly nice to me. Oh well. I can always celebrate next year. 3 years ago

totallydoinitIt's become even more necessary

I really need to do this.
Sometimes I fall into silence.

May the universe help me to speak my truth, cultivate integrity, and gather the courage to share. 3 years ago

Craig JessicaUntitled

I will try not to let people push me around and will get the courage to speak up for myself to others. 3 years ago

TheDoctorGirlI added this goal because...

... right now, I feel as if people walk all over me. I really want them to stop, but I never had the courage to talk to them about it. Maybe setting this as a goal will give me the extra boost I need to make my life better… 3 years ago


I’m reading a book entitled something like “Nice girls don’t get ahead but gutsy girls do”. (The title offends my sense of nice a bit :).) It has interesting points about how even at work, it’s OK to break the rules, as long as you do it to achieve your mission. The key is to loosen up and find your own mission, not just accept what your boss thinks your mission is. Cool. 3 years ago

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