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cafegroundzeroWe need to ramp up our Spanish lessons

Tomorrow I’ll start the children and hopefully Wilma on this series:

http://www.bbc.co.uk/languages/spanish/lj/ 8 years ago

JP CreightonWell, she's not fluent, but she can carry her own!

And who’s to say she won’t get better with time?

Who cares? She’s my awin deah wife, an’ I loves ‘er, yes I do!

Y manyana es otro dia. And tomorrow is another day. 8 years ago

cafegroundzeroNow we can make small talk in Spanish

But we’re still learning and teaching.

We’re also teaching the children. 8 years ago

cafegroundzeroI bought a songbook which teaches basic conversation

Comes complete with a CD Rom. 8 years ago

cafegroundzeroLo estamos haciendo, poco a poco

It are we doing, little by little.

It is forming of itself, with our will, through His will, inshallah.

The learning we are doing is a family effort.

Me alegro poder decir esto, y gracias a Dios por todo. 8 years ago

cafegroundzeroHallelujah, I'm released! No teaching contract any more

And I continue to give a little lesson here, a little one there.

This evening, I explained the word “tecolote” a synonym in Mexican Spanish for “lechuza,” or “buho” (owl). I also sang a song about tecolote which my mother taught me when I was a lad. “Tecolote de Guadiana.” I think it was featured in a Disney film in the 60’s or 50’s. 8 years ago

cafegroundzeroI put in four hours a week teaching others,

and find it hard to make time to teach my own family. 8 years ago

cafegroundzeroWe've not done much

it may seem, in a structured way.

Just words here and there. But language is composed of words.

and facial expressions, hand signs, body language, tone, melody, rhythm.

We’ll also have to listen to more sound and music recordings in the Spanish, including Castillian and Mexican, I think. 8 years ago

JP CreightonHoy, la phrase clave sera' "?Donde esta' ('esto)?"

Our key phrase today is “Where is (this?)”

“Donde esta’ ‘esto (‘esta)?”

I’ve asked her to please help practice it with the ninyo y ninya.

By the way, does anyone know the formatting codes for the tilde and the upside-down question mark? And the accented vowels? 8 years ago

cafegroundzeroTime to ramp it up

We’ve been learning a word here, and a phrase there.

But today we’ll accelerate the pace. 8 years ago

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