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Emilyj298Day One. (Find an AMAZING boyfriend)

I have been single for 4 years, I am 18. I know that isn’t such a big deal, but in highschool it sure seemed like one. Not to mention, it is hard not to feel upset when all of my best friends have boyfriends. I couldn’t be happier for them, but sometimes I wonder why I “can’t” get a boyfriend. Of course, I have been through my share of jerks, moments I had mistaken for love, sleepless nights,tears and butterflies. I would love to know what love really is, as opposed to just being led on by a guy. I cannot wait until I find that special someone. When I do, I will make him the happiest person in the world, as long as he will do the same for me. Hopefully progress occurs before I am a single old woman with 83295 cats :] 2 years ago


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