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carry around a notebook to capture my thoughts

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bayanmousamy love

ilove you 4 years ago

randompoppyBetter than a diary!

I’ve never been able to keep diaries as I always tend to tail off, but I’ve started carrying a little notebook in my handbag.

It’s great to write down things which are funny, thought-provoking or just to release feelings onto the page. I doodle in it during lectures, I rant about annoying train passengers and sometimes even make useful notes about things I need to remember.

It triggers my memory of the situations when I look back over the pages too, which is nice as I feel like I forget almost everything.

I found a website where a guy had finished his notebook and looked back through it, picking out quotes from certain days which inspired him so I’ve started putting dates in it too.

My book’s filling up fast! 5 years ago


Bought the notebook today. Now I’ll just have to start and keep carrying it around… :] 6 years ago


Definitely worth it. I’d recommend this to anyone. 6 years ago


Yesterday I bought a “Moleskine Infobook”, and I changed the labels (like food and bed, that was not what I had in mind) and I’v already begun to capture myself in it. 6 years ago

SeraaWell i have a notebook

But i never carry it around,
I should though.
Cos normally i write it on little bits of paper in my bag. 6 years ago


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