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shailja guptaI joined driving school

I joined driving school.. almost a month has completed.. but i m not happy with my progress.
today it was my last class.
now i will take a break and will start again after few months 4 months ago

iykiwbasgot my license

whether i actually remember how to drive properly is another thing… 20 months ago

ardianalearn to drive a car

My feet ever run over by car so that is why I’m scare to drive a car by my self but I think I must wipe my trauma and start to learn to drive a car so I can going anywhere that I should use a car especially help my father when he feel tired drive a car. 2 years ago

RibesehlThe first time ever

I drove a car for the first time in my life a few weeks ago! Wohoo! And I was told I did it well! According to the “teacher” (nothing but official lesson :D) I was his first student who didn’t manige to shut off the motor while driving and didn’t brake or go forward jurking during the first lesson. I guess I should be happy, I liked it really. This autumn I probably will start the driving course in my school in Finland – looking forward to it.

(I still would prefer a horse.) 2 years ago



Enough said, lol it’s sad. 3 years ago

Vinicius Pimentel Magalhaeseasy

I’m doing this, since I took the portfolio two years, I bought my car has one month and to learning to drive .. ai ai thiago, as everything would be easier on your side! ViS2Thi 3 years ago


I actually did this over the summer but am very pleased as it gives me a bit more freedom. 3 years ago

hiddencat12passed the test but still so much to learn

I’ve passed the test but need to continue driving to improve my skills. 3 years ago

Aunne Rouie ArzadonDriver's license

I already have a driver’s license. and I know a bit about driving already. I all need now is practice and learn how to drive a car all by myself 3 years ago

kikitalindaits awesome!

Driving is Awesome 3 years ago

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