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pixiedustieProgress today

- Went through and got rid of all receipts
- Completed FHSA form
- Completed CC form 2 years ago

pixiedustieSunday 12 Feb

Yes, 1 hr: Went through the 3 piles of papers in the bedroom, sorted into piles and am ready to file away. 2 years ago

RowdyRomanticdeclutter for 15 minutes everyday

This should be so easy ….why it always seems so hard is a mystery. 2 years ago

pixiedustieOctober 2011

Mon Oct 3rd:
Put away all the clothes; did the washing (1.5 hours)

Wed Oct 12th:
Cleaned kitchen, living room, back room (2 hours) 2 years ago

pixiedustieSeptember 2011

Mon Sept 12th:
Did 30 minutes, went through 3 boxes of stuff. :)

Fri Sept 16th:
I’ve got into the habit of making sure the kitchen and sitting room are spotless before I go to bed. It makes it much nicer to get up and face the house the next morning. :)

Sun Sept 18th (1-2 hours):
Cleaned the cooker, it’s now sparkling.
Cleaned the bathroom. 2 years ago

gaiagranolarangerOkay, it's time to do another yard sale ...

We were really serious about this goal about a year ago, trying to get rid of stuff before and during the move. The next step was to put to beautiful use some saved “odds & ends” from the building project. Just this month I finished the last major project – using spare luever doors and rough cut cedar to build a cabinet for the sauna, and topping it with a shelf covered with three leftover 12×12” tiles. The only major pile of salvaged goods remaining that has a future purpose here is some tongue & groove pine paneling that I’d like to use to panel the inside of a garden shed I hope to afford to build next summer.

So, all that feels good. But, that means it is time to sell the remaining stuff that is still under the woodshed roof. Not only is the stuff not needed here, the wood shed IS needed: for WOOD! D has begun cutting up the wood for next year, piling it BESIDE the woodshed! We’re hoping to have a yard sale or two in Sept!!! 2 years ago

Mme Delacroixdoes declutter mean tackling nomad piles of junk or just doing chores?

today have done:
mowed 1/2 of backyard
wiped down bathroom sink
scrubbed bathroom toilet
emptied garbages
sorted flyers
emptied dishwasher 2 years ago

amisuHaving a big declutter

of paperwork – phew, that feels better! Feeding junk to the recycling bin. 3 years ago

NielGiving up

I wanted to give up on this, but it got marked as ‘done’. Same thing, I am no longer going to pretend that I’m doing this. Decluttering is good, but to do it for 15 minutes a day is a lot of time spent on decluttering. In general I can do the immediate decluttering I need to do in about five minutes. 3 years ago

Mme DelacroixSlowly, slowly...

piece by piece, Christmas is being put away and the presents we received are being found a home. Does piled up laundry count as ‘clutter’? If so, then I tackled a great mound yesterday. Hoping to finish it off today. 3 years ago

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