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Sydney Lois XI want to change the world but I cannot do this by my self.

Help people by sending money or even sending food things that would put smiles o their faces. 3 years ago


I want to help people and make a difference I just dont know what to do. I am a single 20 year old mom so whatever I can do cant take a lot of money, any idea? 3 years ago

cskkshivafor my whole life

i wanna spread happiness over the world..
we always searching for the happiness,but it is within us. 3 years ago

lilmikey3158111helping people out

well im a 29 year old man i live in gulfport, mississippi iam o negative i will give someone my kidney all im asking is to pay for traveling expensive iam in to sports im a very nice person and before i die i would love to help someone in this world survive for along time so give me a call at 12282346864 thank u 4 years ago

INDHUVELANi want to help

i am poor man , iam married two child family maitain some problem , iam working in private company labour my salary full family maitance , my child education please help me 4 years ago

Emmae07Starting with...

Getting my nursing degree/certification. What better way to help people than when they are sick? So I’ve applied to school, just need to get registered for classes and get this moving!! I’m actually quite excited to be doing something more than just my 8-5 job. 4 years ago


i want to help people emotionally, so they can be stronger everyday and face their fears. 4 years ago


i want to help people emotionally, so they can be stronger everyday. 4 years ago

ms_justicei want to help

im going to school for criminal justice. I want to help kids outs with problems that they deal in there everyday life. I want to help them by being there for them as a friend and as a person that can guide them in a good path in their lives. 5 years ago


I’d love to help people. In this day and age, it’s hard to find people who care. I thought about changing my major from Accounting to Social Work, but I don’t know if I could handle it. Anyone have any suggestions? 5 years ago

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