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get an apartment

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nanimoosienot just an apartment..

THE apartment. yes. 3 weeks ago

FlirtingwithFreedomIt was only a matter of days

The rental company that we chose had us in the apartment in two days. It has been the MOST stressful and confidence slashing experience I’ve probably ever been through. I mean, it was over $1000 just to move in and that doesn’t include lights, water, trash, cable, internet and food. You really learn in minutes what’s a necessity and what you can hold off on when you only have a few hundred dollars left to do anything with. But it’s rewarding. Sitting in your empty house with a bowl of ramen knowing that it’s not always going to be this way. I’m glad I took this step. And even more glad that I took it with my husband. 2 months ago


I moved on my own again. Was nice having a roommate for the past 2 years but it takes lots and lots of patience to leave with a friend. In the end was for the best. I hope we can still be friends.

So my next goal based on getting to leave by myself again is to save money and buy my own apartment. 17 months ago

Live. Laugh. Love.7/17/12

I found a place and am moving in on the 23rd. M paid the application fee for me since he had the $$ upfront and I’m going to pay the deposit and monthly fee. I can’t wait to have my own place! 21 months ago

Live. Laugh. Love.Untitled

It’s hard to find a one-bedroom apartment within my price range! I did find an apartment complex with efficiencies around the price I’m willing to pay, there just aren’t any available right no. I’m going to fill out an application so that I can be alterted when efficiencies become available. 21 months ago

Live. Laugh. Love.7/15/12

M and I are going to look at apartments tomorrow for myself. 21 months ago

bearsmom_2009Saving up...

My husband and I are saving up to get our own place by Christmas or New Year!!! :) We are almost there and I can’t wait til we get one and move in. We are staying with my sister and her husband and we’ve been with them since September when my husband started a new job with my brother-in-law. 2 years ago

EmbemI hate residence halls.

There is nothing more shitty, expensive, and stressful than living on campus.

I am getting an apartment next year, hands down. 3 years ago

Cassi Knight:)

July 29th-August 1st=moving days.<3

we got the apartment. 3 years ago

Cassi Knightalmost..

we have a contact! im giving the lady our application tomorrow, and will hear back soon! im feeling good about this one. its about time! two years is far too long to wait :) ill post pictures if we get it :) 3 years ago

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