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Save $1000

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I’m going for 2000 now. :p 2 months ago


Brian’s sitting down with us today to get our finances in order :) I’m excited 2 months ago

Her_Bloody_Wings$? A bunch of change

I have loaned all of my cash to my mother, but I’m getting it all back when she gets her taxes, which should be in a week or so.

Going to get $2592!!!

Get to cross off this goal then, but I’m going to try to save my $ and not let it go under 2k. I need to get a job. I’m going to try to save to 3k next. I think I’ll keep this goal for a while and just keep doing it.

I really need a vehicle and a license, so I need all the money I can get.

Later gators, 2 months ago

DollyDONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! took me 4 months!

250 a month. No shopping, and having (even if they laugh) support from my family, before Shopping or in front of the make up sale, I’ll call my Mom or my hubby and also I got a friend to call. So I wanted to buy this flatware set for $600 dlls. I called a friend I explained the Why… and she said NO. and why… I can’t afford it. Bcuz I had 800 dlls so I thought I could spend it. She said NO 800 is short of your goal, and u can’t afford a credit card bill. SO I left it alone. for New year Eve I gor a flat ware set from my father in law as a gift!!! totally loved spent $0 (was a gift) and now $1000.05 dlls sit on my savings account. New Goal $2000… I hope to see your name there too!! 3 months ago


This will be much easier now that I have a job!
It will probably take a few months, though. 3 months ago


12-29-13: I gave my friend $60 to buy me a carton of smokes.. I won’t need to buy more for a few months though. I found a dollar, lol. 3 months ago


12-28-13: I got $300 for Christmas and $100 for cleaning for 8 hrs. That $400 is in a hollowed out book :P The other $94 is in my wallet.

I started using a piggy bank again. 3 months ago

of_journeysFINALLY DONE

Sal got two vacation checks and an XMAS bonus and we had $1,396 left for the week. I transferred $1,000 of it to savings. 4 months ago

Dollygetting there ...

300 more to go 5 months ago

Dollyhard to save when u shop

getting there! 6 months ago

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