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CamI totally give up


The idea was to spend less time doing G33k things.

Well I am getting into Photography now…

So I am increasing my g33k !

Lets face it chaps…

Geek will inherit the earth. 7 years ago


I did a computing degree, and I work in IT. A few years ago I used to spend most of my spare time reading PC Magazines, trying out all the programs on the cover discs. I’ve played around with linux, perl, mysql, php, apache, news servers, email servers, different programming languages, video editing, blogs, HTML, CSS, wikis and many other things besides. And the conclusion I came to? Knowing everything about everything isn’t the answer. I was pumping my head full of useless knowledge that wasn’t going to get me anywhere in my career. Since then I’ve decided to only concentrate on learning what I need to learn in order to further my career, and not bother with all the rest of it. Life’s too short, you know? 8 years ago


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