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LeonieNyreenot going so well..

What little confidence I had is gone :( I thought I looked nice last night, look at the pictures today & think I look like a man, I wear a full face of make up if I’m leaving the house now, including foundation which I haven’t used in years. I’m almost at my goal weight but I still feel huge. I just put myself down all the time & idk how to stop it :( 8 months ago

user31706How I think I will accomplish this...

I will accomplish it by completing other goals I have made for myself so that I can be the best I can be. 20 months ago

Erinn BarkerI don't know why I feel so bad

It’s pretty amazing, the things I’ve done with the opportunities that have been given to me. I graduated high school with a 3.9, got through my bachelor’s with a 3.6 gpa in 3 and a half years and am now working on a doctorate. I’m currently engaged to a man who wants absolutely the best for me and sees a life where we are riding our adventure raft down the river of life together, letting it take us where ever we end up. Since I started grad school, I have been unable to shake the idea that I’m not doing all that well, that I’m not all that special, that what I’m working towards is something anyone can do, like getting pregnant or holding a job. My fiance tells me to just look at my life objectively and see how I’m not just any person, I’m special, and I have the hardest time believing him. I have a hard time believing that he could possibly think I’m ever pretty, how my classmates could ever think I’m a valid contributor. I’ve gained more weight in just over a year and a half of grad school than I ever did in my bachelor’s program. I’m really just tired of judging myself, and then thinking that everyone else is thinking what I’m thinking. I read these tips about writing down your negative thinking so you can call attention to it and stop it, about telling yourself positive things and envisioning the way you want your life to be; I know I have to change my bad mental habits. I hope an online forum can help me be accountable. 3 years ago


i feel like my theighs are fat and thats about the only thing ):
this kid tells me i have a uni-brow wen i dont jus to make me feel bad about my self. but i taught myself that people who talk and make fun of you are not happy with them self or dont even feel good bout them self,or even they might be jealous of you. Every one has there on unique style, isnt that what they say no 1s the same not even the most 2 people alike 3 years ago

Justine GrassUntitled

My number 1 and 2 goal pretty much go hand and hand. I need to feel better about myself to be motivated to do things. Everyday is pretty much a struggle. Some days I don’t feel so bad, but most I’m rather down on myself. I don’t think theres any cure necessarly to this, but maybe with a little work I can get a little better self image. 3 years ago

natalie84i feel fat

i feel fat unappreciated and unfit i no im not all of them but cant get myself on track to feeling good 3 years ago

vmath89feel better

i know dat i m gud but i dont know y do i not feel it frm inside????
bi\ut i m definately going to get it done by the end of this semester…..........
but i do get a strong feeling when i drink or smoke…..
though i wanna make it natural 3 years ago

creativekittystarted planning my life...

now feeling better! 3 years ago


Getting there. 3 years ago


I might one day feel good about myself… 4 years ago

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