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dtrujillo59Start going to church

I was raised Catholic, then baptized in the LDS (mormon) church. I am not sure which church I should go to, without hurting someones feeling 2 years ago

BelindaGoing to start

I’m finally going to get to start going to the church of my choice. We are moving to a town where a church of my choice is located. And now that I have a vehicle, I’ll get to go every week. 2 years ago

BelindaGetting there

Well, I was going to a little church down the street though it wasn’t the church of my choice. I didn’t have the transportation to go to the church of my choice, but now I have a new truck, so I will be able to go now. The church I wanted to go to is a 20 mile drive from where I live and since I’ll be moving the last part of August, I will be even closer. 3 years ago


Though I haven’t been able to go to the Church of my choice, I have been going to another little church just up the road the past couple of months. I like the pastor, the people & the church, but it’s still not my preference, but, I’ll eventually get to where I want to go. 3 years ago

BelindaAnd I Keep Praying

I’m not having much luck or I’m not making much progress about getting transportation to go to the church of my choice…but, I will keep praying that something will come up so that I will be able to go to the church of my choice…meanwhile, I have decided to go to the little church up the street until then… 3 years ago

BelindaNot Yet

Haven’t succeeded in the goal yet because of on going transportation problems, but, I’m not giving up on this yet. 3 years ago

BelindaFound Another Church

Though I liked the church that I went to with my daughter, it wasn’t the church of my choice but in January of 2010 I made a little trip to a nearby town and found the church of my choice. I’ve only been able to attend one time in January so far (due to finances) but I fully attend to start going on a regular basis this year. 4 years ago

BelindaHaven't been Again Yet

Well, I hate to say this but I didn’t care for the church I attended. But, it’s ok, I found another one that I’m planning on going to. It’s in another near by town but my brother told me about it, so I thought I would go. Hopefully in a couple of weeks…I’m waiting for my car to be repaired. 5 years ago

BelindaI went to Church Today

I started not to go…I found myself trying to make excuses for not going…again… then I told myself…just get ready and go…...I went…. 5 years ago

BelindaDidn't Make it

Didn’t make it to church, instead I went to see my mom. I haven’t been able to see her as often as I would like because of gas prices, but since it’s been coming down, I had the chance to go. So, I’ll try again to go to church next Sunday. 5 years ago

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