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have sex in an elevator


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ardihornySex Fantasy

Yes i want to try new sex fantasies 5 years ago


hi guys
my friend wanted to know how to have sex in an elevator 5 years ago


but i want to… to bad my bf really isnt into public sex or sex outdoors. Road head thats about it 6 years ago


My fiance & I had sex in our apartment’s elevator one night. We just rode up & down from the basement to the fourth floor & every few minutes the door would swing open (thankfully no one was there) and we would laugh hysterically. It was risky and nothing short of amusing. 6 years ago


Lol 6 years ago


Always wanted to do this but seems impossible for me since every elevator i’ve been too seems to have cameras unless there is another blackout, this is not happening. 7 years ago

idigit123harder than i thought.

lose your virginity first. kthx. :[ 7 years ago

practicalhedonismFor those in San Francisco

I can sneak you into an elevator of a private club of snotty rich old guys. You gotta dress up though. 7 years ago

antonischarali dont maen to do it but i do it

one time i was with my ex girlfriend and we go for her doctor whn she had finsh and we take the elevator to go down thin elevator stop ther is no electricity she scaer and i hung her so she feel safe but whn she look at me we forget electricity we forget elevator we forget every think we start kissing and we forget evry think just we make love not sex like what they say is love if you maket wth call girl or horny you can name’t sex but wth girlfriend is you make love.
however sex or love is the same fu.. is nice and more nice that i maket wth her even in airplane whn we traviel to melbourne 8 years ago

David BraunDing Ding

I have wanted to do this ever since college when I discovered that if you pry open the inner doors of an elevator, the elevator stops. No alarm bells, nobody wanting to get on, just a nice cozy little room. If it stops between floors, and there are people waiting there, you can see their shoes through the crack between the outer doors.

I don’t know why… it just appeals to me. 8 years ago


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