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purplefibermomStill working for the older 2

I’m going to cut the youngest some slack – but continue to work on moving his actual time on the pillow with the light out to an earlier time… 7 years ago

purplefibermomup to 2 out of 3

the oldest two took my displeasure to heart and have been getting up without my prodding all week – YAY!

Now to work on the youngest. His main problem is going to bed too late. It was so much easier to get my older ones to bed early when they were his age.

Next week: work on shifting his (actual – not planned) bedtime back 30 minutes 7 years ago

purplefibermom1 out of 3 is a start

Number 1 son claimed he had the alarm set up correctly, but I noticed that there was no light, movement or sound coming from his room at 6:24. His ride was coming at 6:25 – Opened the door and gave warning – he made the ride. This afternoon he swore that the alarm MUST be broken, as he had tested it etc. Ha! He had the radio tuned to white noise.

Youngest gets up next at 7 – I peeked in at 7:15 – the alarm hadn’t been set. I woke him up and he was ready for HIS ride on time. I need to cut him more slack as he’s 7. We will work on setting the alarm correctly together each night. He had been doing it everyday – just sleeping through.

My daughter needed to leave by 8:15. She is my worst offender – and yet she came through this morning! Her alarm was LOUD, but she woke up and got ready without my having to nag her at all.
I think the fact that she had to take the bus yesterday with 5 minutes to get ready gave her some motivation. She prefers to get a ride with me so she can go in early & help with animals or visit with friends.

I’m giving them a week of breaking in & warnings before ultimate too bad so sad consequences set in. 7 years ago

purplefibermomI have tried really hard over the years

to limit the helicopter mom stuff. However, for some reason I have let my children turn me into an alarm clock. Each one of the three has a working alarm, set every night to the correct waking time. They never seem to awaken to the beeping or buzzing or blaring rock music. I’m tired of being their backup alarms. I’m REALLY tired of dealing with grumpy teens when I go in to ACT as the backup alarm. Today I am letting them know that they need to be more self sufficient in this area. Ideas anyone? 7 years ago


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