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Kristopher McCrawCease adding tasks for implementation for 30 days

With 20 domains none are fully implementing the resources obtained to full potential. New functionality will not yield better results until the backlog of neglected tasks is reduced 1 month ago

hmmrichaI want to finish this page by today

This page is all about Software Development. It’s alreday 4th of March. So I need to anyhow finish my work for http://www.fomaxtech.com/about-fomax.html 1 month ago

Mina LilyBetter ?

http://alovelylily.storenvy.com/ 3 months ago

Mina LilyA Passion for fashion

Working on a website to sell trendy, gently used closed, and brand named clothing.

Come and shop my closet !

Great Deals & good clothing

Find me At :

Local Listings on Craigslist too 4 months ago

lety1I finished mine!!!

You can take a look at it here Pixel Studio Graphic Design5 months ago

Courtney GassawayMaking My Own Website; OMG!!!

I have no idea what to make a website about. I think I’ll start with Wordpress and Tumblr, where I can follow blogs, then eventually start blogging. And also chose a photo sharing site. 8 months ago

dottymariaas done as its ever going to be!

It is a constantly changing thing, but I am happy with it … at the moment ;)
http://maria.me.uk 8 months ago

RajeevI want to create a leadership related website

Need someone who can clean up the content 15 months ago


Finish what I have become passionate about. 15 months ago

UppercaseJIt's what I'm going to school for!

So I have a half dozen really bad half assed sites I’ve started for the different courses I’ve had to take and no one decent one that I’ve made. I need to have something good up by the end of the year or…. or… I’ll have to get back to you. I’ll take suggestions as well… 16 months ago

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