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open an overseas bank account

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have opened one with the anz, but giving the uk bank a go 3 years ago

astelliosapplication in

finally found a place that i can open an account with hopefully 3 years ago


Setting new goals 4 years ago


im looking to travel and want to be prepared 5 years ago

advctWhat overseas banks link up with PayPal nicely?

I’m pretty sure it is spelled ‘Luxembourg’. 5 years ago

jewjewbeedi want to create an antiguan account before i go back.

i want to open an overseas account. so ignorant to the whole process 5 years ago

pramod_rsi am pramod

i want to opena an account 5 years ago

undercover_lauraunless your

Rich, its such a pain!!
first you dont understand the language they have to translate all the documents, it takes longer due to foreign docment(eg passport) checking, some rates arent realy better in the long run etc

i had a finnish account and a Hungarian one – both were the worst banks i have ever encountered!! counter services took ages! my parents have had some overseas too but when they moved their money back, they had to pay the tax that they intially avoided!

what is the point? 5 years ago


Maybe Swiss but I heard Luxemburg is more private 9 years ago


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