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sweet_dispositionThis is actually going so well!

I got this cutie for Christmas and I love it. It’s so easy to pick up the chords and I have little hands so it’s the perfect size for me. I know four songs by heart and I’ve been driving everyone crazy with my singing, but it’s so fun. (Also my fingertips are 100% numb now.) 2 months ago


Got a ukulele as a surprise birthday present last year. It is really easy to learn yourself and so fun to sing and play! Now I meet my friend who is also a uke player and we have jamming sessions ;) 14 months ago

convoswplantseasy as g, c, e

i love how i can just go through sheets and sheets of chords super easily. learning to play a song on the piano was always a process (but a rewarding one). i just got started doing the uke and can always breeze through any song i want by basic strumming. advanced techniques surely will soon follow! 15 months ago

convoswplantsstrumming through the early eve of your day

i finally have started this! my ukulele suffered from a tragic drop to my knee that emotionally traumatized me but seemed not to damage my baby. thankfully it still plucks as beautifully as ever. i’m shocked at how easy it is to pick up and play. some of the songs i want to get at have chord lists too tricky for me at the moment, but i’m working my way there. i think it’ll be easier once my fingertips get more calloused and clacky. 15 months ago

convoswplantsstrumming through the apocalypse

there’s one waiting for me at home! i’m on vacation right now but soon it’ll be in my arms. it’s a kala tenor travel uke, and i got a hard travel case for it. i want to write my girlfriend cute little songs on it, some politically charged. 16 months ago

Flow36Starting to Play!

Okay, so I’ve had 2 lessons at this point, and I AM actually trying to learn ‘What Are You Doing New YEar’s Eve.’ Will I be good enough to play it well before the end of the month? I don’t know. But right now, it’s motivating for me. I like the song a lot—and it is challenging for me, a total beginner, to play.

PLUS, I also restringed my uke! Replaced the instrument’s original strings with red aquila silk gut strings. So now it’s got my own personal touch! :)

So… depending on how I progress, it’s still a possibility I may get this song down before the end of the month. We’ll see where I’m out in a couple weeks… 16 months ago

Flow36The ball is rolling! Now to keep up with it.

Lessons are officially scheduled! 30-min private lessons each week.

Now that I’m all set up to begin, starting the week after THanksgiving, I need to take the time to re-string my uke, finally. I mentioned a while back that I was going to do this. Well, now I have a deadline to get that done.

I also need to figure out my approach. The instructor allows different ways to approach learning, and one of those is to learn a song of your choice. I think that’d be best for me - then I’ll have more motivation to learn. It’s hard to be motivated when the song is something you don’t particularly care for.

And once lessons begin, I’ll need to work in practice time and be sure to attend my classes regularly.

As for my goal of being able to play (and sing) ‘What Are You Doing New Year’s Eve’ by mid-December - that’s probably not all that realistic anymore. Not sure if I’ll be able to swing that. Sigh. THere’s always next year… 17 months ago

Flow36still in the works...

I planned to start taking lessons in October, but it looks like I’ll be lucky of I’m able to start this November. Work stuff got in the way, but I am still planning to accomplish this. I just might not be able to do things as quickly as I had hoped. And that’s okay. I’m thinking long-term, here. :)

I have made some progress - contacted the company about scheduling my private lessons, so it’s happening… 17 months ago

Flow36mentally prepping for the restringing process

Watched some videos today on how to restring an ukulele. That will be one of my first tasks before learning to play: get some better quality strings on my instrument while increasing confidence in my own ability to handle and work with it. I am not scheduled to begin learning until October, but glad I made a wee bit of progress today. Every bit of progress, no matter how small, gets me a little bit closer to my goal! 19 months ago


Checked out a few short videos on strumming the uke today. A tiny bit of progress made! 19 months ago

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