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ButterflyWe went out last night

And within that mojito-induced whirlwind, I met a guy, M. who works down the road from C at a shop called Uggs & Kisses.

“What did you want to be when you grew up?”
“An author.” I replied. And after a slight hesitation, I said, “At the moment I’m working on….”

I ended up having a conversation which lasted a good 10-15 minutes, explaining what I’m trying to do, M asked questions about how I feel about character development and made suggestions to help progress the plot. It was really good to talk to someone in “real life” about this again to get it out of my head. We are now FB friends so that I can share what I’ve written so far. 7 months ago

ButterflyI've been

working on this lately! I’m making steady progress and as long as I’m moving forward with it, I’m happy. I can see where I’m going with it clearer now and have spent some time writing and some time researching. Did you know you can buy anti psychotic drugs online? 10 months ago

ButterflyI think what I may need to do

is to print out what I have written so far and find a nice location to edit and write in. C’s man cave is not proving productive so far!! 14 months ago


50 pages seems to be my stopping point. I get to page 50, realize I hate what I’ve written and stop.

I’ve done this twice! 16 months ago


My friend asked me if she could borrow what I’ve written so far so she could read it at home. She’s a big talker, so she couldn’t talk and read at the same time. Hoping for feedback this Friday. 18 months ago

ButterflyI think

I’ve just completely confused myself. Going to leave it for a short while, give this story a rest from me! I’m being overly critical as I’m writing I know, which is blocking the story from being told. 19 months ago

Aliza BWell..

I went a long spell without writing but I’ve been at it pretty intensely the last couple of days. I’m not really sure where or how it’s going to end. But I’m fairly certain it’s going to be pretty AWESOME!!

So far:
Page 9
5,565 words

My goal is 200 pages or 50,000 words. 21 months ago

ButterflyControl: chapter three

I glance hesitantly at the small slip of paper on which Dr. Carasco has written the name of this child psychiatrist. Kate Capella the note informs me in barely legible writing. Supposedly I am meant to yet again hand over my daughter to strangers. I have to admit that I feel better that this subsequent so-called specialist is a woman. I’d hazard a guess on her being much younger than Dr. Carasco as well, which can only be an improvement. Hopefully she’s of better use. Sighing, I reach for the phone with one hand and pick up a paperclip with the other.

“Daniel?” I say tentatively.

“Yes, who’s speaking please?” he says with that authoritative tone of voice I used to find so attractive.

“Oh for God’s sake, can’t you recognise the voice of the woman you were married to for fourteen years??”

“…Jennifer. How are you?”

“Oh fine Daniel, I’m just fantastic. Did you happen to remember that you actually have a daughter? Because if you did, or happened to ring her at some stage, you may have noticed that she’s not doing so well.”

“What? What do you mean? What have you done to her?”

I grit my teeth and bend the paperclip, concentrating on the feel of the bend and not letting the words slip out instead.

“Absolutely nothing Daniel.” I say guardedly.

“Then… what is it? What’s wrong with her?” he asks nervously.

“I…don’t know. Neither does the psychologist she was seeing.”


“He felt that he could no longer meet Sasha’s needs.”

“So, what happens now?”

“Sasha’s been referred to a child psychiatrist who specializes in working with teenagers. I’m going to take her and hope for the best. I just thought you would like to know.”


Okay? In disbelief, I stare at the earpiece of the phone which no longer has a voice attached to the other end. The paperclip breaks in two.

I’ve had a smile plastered on my face all day. I feel like a sixty watt light globe. An idiotic-looking one at that. Surely if this was effective advice it would be working by now. Stupid Wiki-how. I don’t even know why I bothered; surely my powers should be enough? Although, I wonder. What would happen if I combined the two? I conjure up a perfect Spring day, the sort that makes couples act in nauseating ways and single people hang their head miserably at their aloneness. At the same time, I focus on altering Tyler’s feelings. Finally, something works. He turns to me smiling and starts walking towards me. A shiver runs along my arms at the extent of my power. He steps out from the huddle of guys, who tease and push against his shoulder so that he stumbles slightly. He brushes them aside, crumbs flicked from the table. Then, before I know it, we’re sitting beneath a ghost gum, talking and laughing as if we’ve known each other forever. Which I guess in a way we have. He is, after all, exactly what I wanted.

In the late afternoon, I pull up to the front of the high school. While I wait, I take a few minutes to admire the grounds. Simple brickwork forms seating areas for the teenagers to sprawl on, grassy grounds and a range of different species of gumtrees. I roll down the window and breathe in deeply the heavy scent of eucalyptus. For just a moment, it calms me. But there is an underlying tang as well-what is that? It can’t be weed? Suddenly I’m fifteen again, hiding behind a friend’s shed at a party, alternating between coughing and giggling. Panicking, I search the slump of teenagers for her. Past the couple making out, past the group of guys kicking a footy, past the girl leafing through a textbook; my gaze swiftly travels. I finally settle on a form that I think is her, but I can’t be sure. Using my hand as a shield against the brilliant sun, I squint into the distance.

It is her. Irritated, I glance at my watch. I told her I would pick her up twenty minutes ago. I am about to step out of the car, slam the door and begin my warpath, but something makes me pause. Sasha seems to be in deep conversation. Her eyes are bright and she’s laughing. I haven’t seen her laugh like that…well, since Daniel left. For a moment I feel relieved. Look at my beautiful daughter, laughing and engaged like that. Of course there can’t be anything wrong with her. The only thing is, when I look closer, there’s no-one there with her. 21 months ago

ButterflyIt's proving difficult

to write a story written in two perspectives. Where from one view the character has special powers, but from the other the same character has serious psychological problems. 23 months ago

LipglossKillerLittle darlings

Ever hear of those? The “darlings” that you need to kill, so your story can progress.

I have 40 pages of that.


Luckily, this goal can refer to a number of half finished stories I have written. So off with the initial on, and on to the next. 3 years ago

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