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Hike the West Coast Trail

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Jason MacNaughtonwest coast trail

i wanna do it. 2 years ago

HollyNew book

I found a book I got years ago from a friend about Hiking the West Coast Trail. I would love to go at the beginning of September but until my job stabilizes – by that I mean I have one! – I can’t make any travel plans beyond Japan. 4 years ago

cb_000West Coast Trail

Planning on quitting my job I don’t really enjoy and head to Vancouver Island May, 2010. Plans include:
- Hike the West Coast Trail (by myself unless I can find a willing partner!)
- Surf in Tofino
- maybe bungee jumping in Nanaimo? (depending on my budget….)

I hiked in Peru last spring – no guides or burrows. It was great. 4 years ago

HollyOne of the most beautiful coasts in the world

What a great hike this is supposed to be. Not as cultural as the walk to Santiago but wild and full of big trees and waves and sunshine and great photo spots. 4 years ago

aformalfeelingcome sept. 7

i will be doing it. meeting up with the other girls im doing it with this week for our first planning sesh. 4 years ago

Jon TillmanSeptember 2009

If all goes as planned, I will be thru hiking this trail in Sept. 4 years ago


I have to train for this but I hope I can do this next year! 4 years ago

lofoten14west coast trail may,june or july 2009

Looking to hike this trail this summer. Now is the time to start planning. more info later. 5 years ago


Hopefully doing this with a friend in summer 2009. 5 years ago

cmarshqqqAn abundance of hike

There’s something for everybody on this hike: scenery, whales, glorious sunsets, beautiful beaches, mud, rain, shipwrecks, ladders, crappy trail, beautiful trail, surge channels, tides, mud, did I mention mud.

For maximum enjoyment, be a strong hike and have a strong group.

I did this in September 2007 for my honeymoon.
see West Coast Trail
for story and pics.
It is one of the coolest hiking trips I’ve every done. 5 years ago

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