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I write a lot for my job and I started a blog with two friends where I write at least two articles a week. 2 years ago

Jacinta_MNot this kind

I certainly am writing. Handwriting a few hundred pages of research notes. Stupid school. My hand hurts. 2 years ago

MelindaP69i love to write!!

I really do love to write. i used to write alot. i wrote storys and poems and even nonsence in a journal. i would really love to get back into the habit of writing again. 3 years ago

Jacinta_MA fair bit

I want to be published at some stage in my life and I find writing soothing. So I’m going to try and turn out a measly five pages a month. I will survive the hardest year of school with writing, meditation, saving, spiritual searching, driving, cooking, sewing and belly dancing. 3 years ago

lingamurthy79s it is best in life

in life it is very important 3 years ago

Candice MarieBlogging.

I’ve made a Tumblr and I feel that writing on there has helped me accomplish this goal, while I still need to literally write more with pen and paper… I feel this is a nice start. 3 years ago

sonnybsmore more more more more more

only when im inspired 3 years ago

kickash92Brain Fart

It’s usually just hard for me to pull out my laptop or a pen and paper and write down what I’m feeling or thinking. I’m most inspired in the moment, but can’t find the right words sometimes. In other words, I’d like to practice getting my ideas out clearly. 3 years ago


Yes ! I want it ! 4 years ago

elleffWrite all my wrongs

Doesn’t writing through an experience just sort it all out? 4 years ago

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