Grow my leg hair

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Seriously, just let it grow. Actually, I only shaved my legs about 3 times in my life. But the thing about attracting people is that if someone really loves you, they don’t care. Seriously.

But if you OCD about body hair, well then, if you wanna, go ahead and try, and put your OCD aside (woah, I just realized I made a half rhyme, and in good time). 5 years ago

firefly0513Not worth It

It was driving me completely buggy. Made it three weeks, and while it was certainly not fully grown out, it was getting there, I wear shorts at home nearly all the time, everytime I saw my legs I was disturbed. Suddenly I couldn’t remember why I wanted to do this. I kind of think the point was to find some kind of empowerment from it, the thing is, I know I don’t HAVE TO shave, I choose to. It made me feel gross, it robbed me of that feeling of femininity. Bottom line, I feel better about myself having shaved legs than not. That’s what matters. No bohemian for me. 7 years ago

firefly0513Entering week 2

I have shaved nearly everyday since as long as I can remember, I’m sure I could do it blind, it feels weird, but I’m perservering. Of course I want to start swimming lanes again, maybe no one will notice… 7 years ago


I KNOW! I detest any hair anywhere, but I want to go a little bohemian, and since it is winter, and I’m finally single, it seems like a good time to try. All women should do this at least once. My plan is to not shave till March 1st, so that’s like 2 months without shaving. I’ve never been able to go longer than a week without shaving, and it’s been a week, so here goes… 7 years ago


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