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Learn to juggle

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Andrew WoodsWatch youtube videos

YouTube is great for this kind of thing. It took me about a month to get the hang of the 3 ball cascade. I bought 4 soft stress balls from the Pike Place Market. They were about $6 each. Juggling 3 items with two hands is easier that 2 items with one hand. You can learn to juggle by taking a 10-minute break now and then, from doing your work. Ultimately, I want to learn to juggle 4 balls, but this 3 is good enough for now. 9 months ago

Pet SerranoUntitled

After learning to solve a Rubik’s cube I decided this would be my next 15-minute-a-day goal. I suspect deep down I’m avoiding learning to do the splits, heh.

My brother learned to juggle when we were kids but I gave it up because I have no depth perception. I think it’s time to try again.
He also learned to ride a unicycle, but I don’t think I’ll be doing that.

Since I watched him learn I know what not to do. No floaty old-lady scarves, because you have to learn again anyway, and no balls because when you drop them they roll away.

I suppose the flat bean-bags would work OK, but I got a cheap bean-bag juggling set.

I can create a consistent arc of one bag from one hand to the other with one for 15 minutes now straight side-to-side, but as soon as I do two bags my right hand starts tossing toward my left shoulder and my left tosses forward out of reach of my right hand, or into my face when I try to compensate, so I’m going to backtrack and try to make more of an X (seen from above) with the one-bag arc practice to give me more control over forward and back. 12 months ago

matsherwoodeasier than I thought

So, i was bored and had tennis balls. That moment was the genesis of this new skill. I had one person make a recommendation on how, then within 10 minutes had it figured out. It was much easier than I thought. 14 months ago

tangerine_nowNo progress

Like ‘learn to play guitar’, this one is staying on the list too if only because I donwannaletgo!!!! 16 months ago


Juggling is a skill that improves with each day i practice. After the fifth day, i could juggle consistently, however i am not fluent yet. But i have the basic skill down pact! 19 months ago

MarkI gonna try 10 minutes a day.

Some where in my daily life I will squeeze it in.

“That which we persist in doing becomes easier not that nature of the task has changed but our ability to do has increased” -Emerson 20 months ago


I have about two weeks between the last day of my summer job and moving into my apartment for school. During those two weeks, I am going to practice juggling for thirty minutes a day. I am writing this for accountability and i will let you know how it goes. 20 months ago

signora oye veyFull of inspiration

In Oslo, with S
And in Copenhagen with M and his friends
Lots of beautiful and inspiring juggling energy.
M told me about the EJC next July in France. I want to go, and I want to first get better at juggling. 20 months ago


Loved doing this. Had lessons a school 23 months ago

silerwatchstill having problems.

I have learned the process. I understand what I am supposed to do. I figure I can figure this out. 2 years ago

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