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I’ve created a lesson plan for the beginning of learning Gaelic, I thing the hardest part is going to be the pronunciation, and the fact that I know no native speakers, other than my Nana who is a second generation immigrant, however she’s 79 and doesn’t have her wits about her. Other than that I’m ready to go! 16 months ago


Irish gaelic is really what I’d like to learn the most. I got an introductory book to the language for Christmas! After I learn Welsh I might give that a go. 2 years ago


I have wanted to do this for so long, I was learning a little, bit it got lost in life somehow, now I would love to learn again. 2 years ago


My ancestors only spoke Gaelic, and I want for my future family the same thing, or at least 50/50. ANyone know good websites or anything? 3 years ago

RoosterRulerLearning Gaelic

I’ve been learning Gaelic for a few months now.
I’m not saying I’ve done it yet, though, because I want to reach a higher level of fluency.

I’ve got a full ride scholarship, though, to a high level of German through Slighe nan Gaidheal.

Classes are on some Saturdays, with them, and I do Gaelic music on Mondays. 3 years ago


i want to learn gaelic because i am from cape breton novascotia and scotish and irish is my back ground 3 years ago

Stephanie NicholUntitled

Just this past week we visited my dad’s side of the family. My cousin’s girlfriend (who, by the way is much cooler than his ex-wife) is from Mabou in Nova Scotia, where almost everyone is either Scottish, Irish, or a bit of both. she is fluent in Scottish Gaelic, and has been gracious enough to pass on her instructional Gaelic text book to me, so that i may begin my journey on learning a language from my heritage. I started it today! wish me luck! 3 years ago

kitty350i want to learn gaelic

i want to learn gaelic because it is one of my maine languges 3 years ago

Elissa MahatmaI wish I was Irish...

I’ve always loved Irish culture and celtic music is by and large my favorite genre, so naturally I want to learn everything about the Irish as I can. 3 years ago


This is something I’ve wanted to do for a long time. I love Gaelic and Celtic culture and things. This goes alongside my other goal… to visit (and possibly live in) Ireland. 3 years ago

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