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stop being scared of using the phone


Entries from everyone

DrChivagoheadphones help

some of my fear of using the phone is related to a fear of not being understood, having to repeat myself, having to ask someone to repeat themselves, etc. this might also be part of why I can’t make a phone call with other people in the room.

I’ve noticed in the past that, if I use my cell phone headphones, and can therefore hear the call in stereo, it seems to go better. I need to try to remember to use them for any calls I need to make, for a while, and see if it helps. 9 months ago


I’m really suprised how many people have this problem too.
I can answer the phone without any hesitation or worries at all, but making a phone call terrifies me.

I will do ANYTHING to avoid it and I find it hard to even call close friends and my family. This has become really difficult, especially lately as I have a really important call I have been avoiding making. I know that I really really need to do it, but I can’t.

My goal is to do it by 10am the day after tomorrow, since I have the whole day off work (it’s so pathetic that I need recovery time for a phone call.) 3 years ago

Luffy2062I'm not alone

Well, this is funny. I didn’t think others had this problem. The whole reason I found this was because I was trying to do whatever I could to avoid making a phone call to set up an appointment. I made the call and it lasted about 2 minutes. Even knowing it’d be short, my heart beat increased and I had to re-dial several times before actually letting the call go through. I’m only 19, so it’s a bit reassuring to see that there’s adults with this problem, and it’s not just me. 4 years ago

mudskippaI'm not the only freak then! ;)

Hi all,

So glad that you’re all trying to work on the same thing as me – didn’t think anyone else would be!

I used to have Social Anxiety Disorder too until I got treated with NLP and hypnotherapy. However, this is one remainder from those scared days and I don’t even know why!

I have no issues talking to people face to face, but I don’t even like picking up the phone to friends and I hate making calls at work.

I think it might be 2 things – maybe knowing it is not as easy to say ‘no’ to things (thinking up excuses etc without being able to show body language). Also I sometimes think I’ll be disturbing people (even if I might be phoning for their own benefit).

Argh, I don’t get it but I need to work on it now as it is starting to effect my work. Would love to share what works with you guys. Good luck all – let’s get over this! 5 years ago

corriegirl13I'm not the only one!!!!!!

OMG, I’m so happy to see there are other people who share this phobia, aversion – whatever you want to call it. I have had this problem for as long as I can remember. In person I can’t shut up, but I avoid making calls all the time. I’ve even tried explaining to my relatives and old friends that I have this hang-up and they really don’t get it because I’m not exactly shy. My doctor told me she thinks it has something to do with being able to edit my thoughts (in letters and On-line) and in person you can read the other persons body language etc. also there isn’t the same pressure to continue the conversation constantly – you can have moments of silence and not feel awkward, but on the phone this is just weird, so you feel like you have to keep thinking of questions to ask, etc. I really wish I wasn’t so worried about all these little things – it can become exhausting. Also, my husband thinks I’m nuts and really doesn’t get it at all. 6 years ago


Yeah, this makes me so anxious for some reason. I have no trouble speaking to someone face-to-face, or even calling someone if my job requires it, but to speak with someone I don’t know on the phone for the first time is really difficult. I have trouble ordering at drive-thrus, too. I think it might be less of a telephone specific thing, and more of a disembodied voice phobia. 6 years ago

cookiecloudsim scared too!!

i know exactly what you mean, i am a real scaredy cat when i have to call somebody and it really gets me down. Partly i think its down to feeling inadequate or something – i suffer from social anxiety disorder (sounds so drastic but in reality its very common) and i have real problems with being face to face with people or talking on the phone. Weird thing is everyone says im so outgoing but on the inside i feel like a child and really affects my confidence.

We should deffinately take little steps but it is difficult – most of the time i do ANYTHING just so i dont have to get on the phone!

I have to say though writing about it makes me feel a little better and to know that im not the only one!!

Cookie 7 years ago

crunchcandyI phoned clive the allotment man

I phoned Clive the allotment man today, he wasn’t in so I had to leave a message with his wife, which does mean i’m probably going to have to try and phone him again tomorrow, but at least I tried! I even gave myself a pat on the back afterwards for doing it. Little steps… 7 years ago

crunchcandygrrr argh

I get really scared of using the phone, at the moment I have about four phone calls to make and i’m doing this instead of making them, because really I will do anything to avoid using the phone.
I’m 33 and i’m sick of not feeling able to just pick up the phone and make the calls I need to do. I’m fed up of being scared to answer it if it rings.
But just writing this is making me feel sick so it may well be a while before I get this one done. 7 years ago


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