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quit my job and travel the world

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chasingbunnies75% of the way there

Well, I quit my job and am moving to a new country. So I figure 50% is covered by quitting my job and I’m giving myself half-credit for traveling the world, since I’m settling down in a new country with a new job, so not totally free to travel the world… however, the new job has lots of opportunity to travel through Europe and Asia :) 2 years ago


omg how i want to do this.. IT WOULD BE A DREAM COME TRUE!! im going to start saving up now so when im older i can just say fuck the world im gone!!! 3 years ago


How much does it really cost to do the kind of traveling I want to do? Where would I go? I’d want to stay in each place long enough to get a sense of what it’s like to live there, rather than just the tourist stuff. I want to make friends in as many countries as I can. How long could I live a nomadic life without a permanent home before I would get tired of it? 3 years ago

gettinglostIt's not a RTW (which is what this goal encompases)

However… I have quit my job and will be going to central america for 40 days while Gian is in bootcamp.
One step towards my goal- familiarizing myself with travel. 6 years ago


This isn’t “quitting” my job, but going into one that allows me to travel, which is my second choice.
I am only 20, and do not have the resources to save $10k and tell everyone to fuck off. Neither does my fiance…and we’re in this together…
So….the Air Force it is :D
We thought about the Marines, but…there are a couple downfalls to joining…the biggest one being never getting to see eachother. The Air Force has a lot to offer, and I can offer something good to my country in return.
AND I get to travel….how bout them apples. 6 years ago


I’ve found a great resource for those wishing to drop everything and live as a nomad: www.bootsnall.com. Their forums are full of people who sell their homes, store their belongings, warehouse their cars…and leave for years to places I can’t pronounce.
My goal is to get a degree before I completely jump in. But, I would like to travel everywhere I can in the meantime. 7 years ago


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