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Make a spot for my cell phone, keys, purse, bag, backpack, hats, gloves, & scarves

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smoliver138gettng closer...

This a goal i just need to get done.

I’m thinking of changing the spot where my cell phone goes because i never put it in that spot.
My key spot is working out great i just need to be more proactive about putting it there.
Bought 3 small little baskets for the entryway closet to put on the walls. one for me, one for my son and one for guest to put there little things in. (coats, hats, etc.) got to get some nails tonight to hang them. Final thing is to get some heavy duty hooks for the closet for my purse, D’s backpack and my work bag…going to the wally world tonight lol! 7 years ago

smoliver138keys have a home

not the prettiest little thing but i just hammered a nail in the wall by the door and that’s where i’ll hang my keys. now they have a home which will be really useful as long as i make myself always hang them there. 7 years ago

smoliver138cell phone has a home

one spot is on desk on charger. other spot is in bedroom so it can charge at night. 7 years ago


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