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learn to dance

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hhannahwhen I was younger dancing came easily...

but if you saw the spectacle I made of myself learning how to salsa this past vacation you would think i was mentally challenged. I just couldnt for the life of me follow any instructions. At the time I felt embarrassed but came home and forgot all about it. Sometimes the kids and I will play dance party on the Wii and i can do okay mimicing some moves but have more fun just making it up as I go along. The other day there was a garage sale to raise money for cancer society and I was looking at the dvd’s….and saw “dancing with the stars workout” Bought it for $1, came home popped it in the dvd player and I am learning to salsa. Then it occurred to me that I always could follow along with aerobics, step classes, and cardio training….yet getting the coordination dancing was a problem. I had to loosen my hips a bit, feel more womanly and its just like following a cardio or aerobic routine. I know I will get this and will be a graceful dancer soon! cha cha cha! 9 hours ago

GirlyMcWhirlyThis will be one of my hardest goals to complete.

I have never been able to dance and I’ve come to the conclusion that there is no physical reason why that should be: I used to do gymnastics, I’ve always been good at sports and I’ve never really been clumsy. I was also good at music (at school), so I guess there’s a sense of rhythm in me somewhere. That only leaves inhibition, doesn’t it? 1 month ago

Seekery419so far

been doing salsa classes for about a month now and using a frw videos on youtube so im slowly getting better 1 month ago

JackEverymanDance Central, Just Dance on XBOX 360

This is my strategy. Plus I can do it with the kids. and my partner. Fun. 2 months ago


this goal starts tonight 2 months ago


I was glad that Lina- the resident assistant is having Salsa classes at Mt Yipsilon. I can learn Salsa for free. Thanks 3 months ago

Hala GaafarA challenge

Well, besides being fun and a great exercise, I got a serious problem with what we locally call “shatara”, meaning I just can’t dance :3
The dances I’d enjoyed the most were those childhood crazy ones that included my siblings. Makes me smile even now. But I wish my moves were graceful and not so awkward as they are now.
Well, I dance, shatra as I am, even though Sudanese dancing doesn’t require more than standing and clapping in time with music, it still sucks.
So far I’d checked for online lessons, and my first attempt will be tap dancing :)
Crazy, know ^^ but it is all about having fun, isn’t it? 10 months ago


I’ve always wanted to learn how, seeing the Just Dance movies and freestyles types of dances. I’ve always been an awkward dancer, so instead of taking a class, I’ll watch some how to videos before I think about doing so. I think a dance class would be more exciting for people who aren’t as shy though! 10 months ago


Like nobody’s watching. 10 months ago

doggleszumba again today

the music was so loud! i feel old saying that, but it left my ears ringing a bit after.
i think i should just accept the fact that i’m never going to be a good dancer. i’ve got over my fear of dance exercise classes though, so that’s good. at least i have a sense of rhythm if nothing else! i’m going to try to continue with the classes to try and lose some weight but i don’t have high hopes of becoming coordinated so i think i’m going to give up on this goal. 11 months ago

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