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I gave up at day 5. I felt so hungry that I ate oatmeal pancakes. But I’m glad I had 4 great days of detoxing. I felt lighter overall. I don’t think I’ll ever detox longer than a day again, but you’ll never know… 2 months ago

ElizaBenit's day 5 of my detox

and I did almost give it up. I’m still hanging in there but today’s mealplan isn’t my thing. Let’s hope tomorrow’s meals will suit me better. My body feels different, lighter somehow, probably because of the low calorie-intake and all those soups, vegetables and fruits. 2 months ago

ElizaBen7 days

Today, I started on a detox that last seven days (lets hope I will too). I’ve often said that I’d like to detox for a few days, but I never thought it was the right time. Yesterday I figured out that there isn’t the perfect time to do this so I’ve decided to detox now instead of postphoning this once again. I’m half a day detoxing already, so far so good. 2 months ago

Self AdhesiveIdea

I’ve been thinking about doing a quick detox for the past week, just something for a few days that’ll clean/flush my system out whilst I’m at the beginning of my diet. I remember a friend having nothing to eat or drink for two days except this strawberry flavoured super vitamin powder that you mixed in with water and it was meant to cleanse your body. More research needs to be done at this point, but ideally I’d like to have something set within two weeks. 8 months ago

FeeLizDay 3

Ha! The great thing about doing a 3-day detox is that it’s already my last day!! Which means I can motivate myself to hang in there and complete this challenge with honor. I don’t know if I feel as good as I should (everybody on the internet is raving about how much energy they have whil all I want to do is sleep…) but hey! I’m proud of myself and it certainly won’t hurt me to have eaten all-natural foods for 3 days. 15 months ago


Ugh – so I’m doing the Hungry for Change 3 day detox. Since yesterday. So I’m more than halfway through. Which is a good thing cause I’m already sick of cucumbers. Or, as I renamed them, crunchy water.
No smoking, no drinking, only pure and natural foods. Plenty of veggies and some nuts. I KNOW it’s good for me but honestly – it’s also a little bit boring. 15 months ago


Jan 2013 – no alcohol, no facebook 15 months ago

verbafelix1 day detox

I was going to do a 3 day detox, but I just lost a couple of days on my weekend. So, 1 day will be fine and if it goes well I’ll do it again. My detox is based on one I found on gaiam.com where I pretty much drink water w/lemon and fruit&veggies juices straight from the blender.

I’m also going to do some yoga, meditate and clean and organize my apartment. Then I’ll probably and work on grad school apps.

Now, to begin. 18 months ago

user36500Starting 12/09

All other previous attempts at Detoxing have failed.. Determined to restart again tommorow, with two weeks left before starting University. :3 19 months ago

juneairCleaning day!

- Clean & organize the cleaning closet (oh, the irony)
- Clean & organize the bathroom cupboard
- Get rid of unnecessary stuff in the bookshelf (books can stay, everything else GOES).
- Look under the bed! Seriously. Throw stuff out.

To Do:
- The storage. Do I need all those empty boxes?
- The balcony. What do I do with all those empty flower pots?

Doing goooooood! 20 months ago

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