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debrabtts201143 things scrapbboking

I wish to be a part of this what is the next step? 3 years ago

Candice EdwardsWhat kind of things are you looking for

If you guys are interested in swapping scrapbooking paper and things maybe you can get in touch with me I have tons of paper just tell me the theme that you are working on. I make pages that I donate for Children’s Hospital Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (Preemies, babies born with diseases or complications) Always can use new baby supplies. Let me know if you have anything and if you have something that you are trying to work on. Thanks 3 years ago

Jackie133How do I get started?

Would love to swap with someone? Please tell me how!’n 3 years ago


I would love to scrapbook swap with someone I have been trying to find someone to swap with! 3 years ago


I have become interested in expanding my scrap knowledgebase. 4 years ago

angeliis4evrA grand Idea!

I too would like to be a part of this 43things scrapbooking Secret Pal swap. A little thing as waiting for something to come in the mail and be surprise each and every time would be a great joy to all. A desire to also keep some one happy. This really needs to get started real soon 4 years ago



Have you started swapping?? How’s it going? I’d like to be included in this great idea too!

Maria Medford 4 years ago

DianaHospinalScrapbooking Supplies Sharing (or Swapping)

I would like to share some of my supplies and in turn receive supplies from others, perhaps things I could use that I would otherwise not get my hands on. Perhaps a variety pack of 20 different embellishments, scraps, stickers, etc. May we do this via mail? Let me know…I want to be surprised :) 5 years ago

howells40Start a 43things Scrapbooking Secret Pal Swap

Hey ladys when can we get started? Love to share. 6 years ago

melshobbyplaceSwapping Group

Hey All,
New to this today and want to start a new swapping group.
Anyone interested?

Melissa 6 years ago

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