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I need to remember this. 15 months ago


From tomorrow onwards, I will not be shy and will say whatever I feel frankly. I will not worry about what people think about me. 15 months ago


.... 15 months ago

kelly_yeoh77positive thinking

i hope to be fix my low self-esteem and be more confident when meeting new people instead of being too shy & silent though i can be quite fun and talkative with the person im familiar with…..huh….trying … 15 months ago

Sabrina DawnUntitled

My confidence kind of just died… 16 months ago


You acheive more when you are confident. I also need more confidence when meeting new people. 17 months ago

bmorris3782The One Attribute all Women Should Have...

I think that confidence makes the heart grow fonder! 18 months ago


Success in life is based off of your confidence level, I really need to work on mine because i know i can achieve my goals i just need to believe i can do it..
Keeping jobs and getting ahead in jobs is so hard for me right now because i feel like im not good enough. 18 months ago


:) 21 months ago

K82345inner monologue

My inner voice is very negative. I’m going to write down everything I think that’s negative and then talk with someone about making my narrator more positive or at least shut up! 2 years ago

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