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still like this idea. not sure what i would do a podcast on though. lately i’ve been recording Youtube videos in relation to my hobby so i guess i’m sorta dipping my feet into these waters.

there’s a lot more work with podcasting than recording and uploading a video to Youtube. i don’t think i have the time for it nowadays. 23 months ago

Christian Sasspwndcast is heading into its second season...

should i mark this as done now :) http://pwndcast.com 4 years ago

swimtooregonPodcast for Science

I have never done a podcast by myself but I think that my students would really like it. We do an egg to chick unit of study in the spring. I think the final project should be a class podcast with facts and pictures about eggs and chickens. 5 years ago

DawnlynnMy first of many..

hopefully. I did my first podcast! Nothing big and complicated but I did it. As Ido more I would like to expand and use a site that gives me more options in the way of using background music etc. But I have started. :)

It is on anxiety disorders. If anyone wants to hear it let me know. :) 5 years ago


...or several podcasts. I am on my way since I purchased my microphone/headphones today 6 years ago

JMooreI did it!


Its so much fun! check it out. Episode 2 coming soon!

J 6 years ago

JMooreIts happening

I’m going to record the first episode this weekend. 6 years ago


Gotta use my silky voice for something :) 6 years ago


Went to an in-house library workshop and learned how to use Audacity. Very fun. I’m going to get a microphone for my home computer and play with Garageband, too, I think. Someone around here needs to be up on the Mac stuff. 7 years ago

Russell MatbouliI've made a start...

I’m doing one on local, Northern Irish music – unsigned / independent / experimental / alternative stuff. You can find it here: Futureless Industries, or by typing “Futureless Radio” into iTunes…

Let me know what you think. I’ve got some positive feedback from people here. I’ve only done three so far, making the time to put it together is what holds me back… That, and finding and clearing music to play on the programme! 8 years ago


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