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sistinasRalphy is fat

Ralphy is a lab mutt. Ralphy has been my pal for more than seven years. Ralphy was around 65 pounds when I got him. He was supposedly a year and a half old at that point, but I think he was younger. Ralphy grew to be about 100 lbs, and is now at a hefty 123 lbs thanks to the fact that he loves butter, eats all the other dogs’ food, and doesn’t run with the other dogs at the dog park. The only thing Ralphy does at the park is lurk by the gate and try to hump whatever dog is coming in. Seriously. This is so he won’t have to run and try and chase the other dog down. Ralphy is lazy.

Ralphy now eats his food in his own room and is on a daily walking/running regimen. We’ll see how this goes! 3 years ago

suntzuyouHe's a Medical Oddity!

He’s a medical oddity: he’s a dog turning into a pig! Yep – too much caloric love has come his way. He’s a 62 pound Beagle. We love him – no doubt. But we want to keep him around for years to come and the vet has sternly warned me it may not happen if I DON’T get the weight off him. 8 years ago


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