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krislibrarianMetadata application profiles

Writing an application profile is tasking. I did that 2 weeks ago. Refining it and getting all the little niggly bits is ever more tasking. Holy crap, my brain is dead.

On the plus side I got a bittersweet chocolate bar out of it. 8 years ago

phalseidI built it, but somehow i accidently deleted it.

So we have to start all over. Wiki is a good place to start, if you are wondering. 8 years ago


I sound like such a friggin’ nerd. I want to build the semantic web. Why don’t I say I want to do something cool, like hey I know, “be cool.” Then maybe I’d be cool. But no, goddamnit, instead I make as a goal I want to build the semantic web.

Like a) I’m going to ever do that; b) be, sound, or look cool with that as a goal. Holy man, I am such a nerd.

Hm. I guess does this mean I achieve the other goal, the one at wanting to be more nerdy? 8 years ago


... have proper cataloguing and metadata of all resources to go with it!

... Ok, a lowly metadata systems librarian can dream. But one day, just one day this will happen, damnit!! 8 years ago

Daniel O'ConnorMy First Dabblings With Python/Redland

Easier than I thought 8 years ago

AaronLawWrite your own code

Thanksful I’ve learnt HTML with notepad and a little about CSS and I’ve got a copy of Nvu and I use it to build a sematic web with less coding in the early June 2005. 8 years ago

Daniel O'ConnorGEPIR

I discovered a thing called GEPIR the other day, a distributed metadata system in place between the EAN barcode authorities of many countries.

I want to get this out as RDF as soon as I can :) Think of it… anything with an EAN barcode with a full description / manufacturer contact info…

I’m also doing a point of sale system which deals exclusively with EAN-13 barcodes, so I’ll get lots of sample real world products to play with.

Now… I just need someone who’s alright with Java (more alright than me) to help me author a barcode OCR tool. 9 years ago


Over at www.open.coop we’re having a crack at networking the people and ideas needed to create a co-operative sustainable economy. We’ve written a wish list (basic spec) for the type of software we think we need here:
And made a presentation explaining why this would be such a cool thing here:

Check it out, let us know what you think. I hope it’s not too long before we can say ‘done that’ :)

olisb 9 years ago

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