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purely all of itThe more I think of it, it's a good idea to do it with a myspace

cuz most people have one even if they dont use it and lots of artists and bands and stuff. I put links to web sites that I got off the tv about volunteering and stuff like that on my myspace already and thats how I thaught of it. Yeah that’ll be easy, and a good fun start. 6 years ago

purely all of itI have not done this

but I have added alot of myspace pages to my friends list that are all about saving the planet/people. I check up regularly on the myspace impact awards. It’s been really good for me to see that there are people who care and actually do something about it. 6 years ago

purely all of itfirst step:mission statment

first thing is to gather all my ideas for websites to help humanity/earth/animals, and do a mission statement.

Second thing:post the mission statement as the home page. 7 years ago

purely all of itpage idea

food thats good for Karma list
list of foods that provide a portion of their profit to a charity/protect a species/whatever 7 years ago


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