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ban pro-ana

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skitty1458mk2unable to be rational or objective

i hope most of the time i can see both sides of an arguement and thereby come to a considered view,however with pro ana/mia sites i find it impossible,these vile people are preying on the insecurities and concerns of very vunerable people and they are just WRONG!
to an extent i would like to debate the issue but i suspect i would just get angry and upset,however i would like to know what drives these people because i am unable to rationalise it myself. 5 years ago

JessicaI'm sick of watching women distenegrate

it makes me sick
women should want to be themselves
love themselves
and be healthy
pro-ana encourages death
it doesn’t aid in getting help or coping
it aids in starvation and takes advantage of vulnerability 7 years ago


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