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safrolistics136 so far this year.

Although I have no idea how many I’ve released in other years…. I’ve never kept a tally before. 22 months ago

imajicas43thingsWell i'm rubbish!

I’ve just released two books but that hardly gets close to the “10 by Christmas” that i’d promised myself. Oops. Will try to keep it up this time. 5 years ago

imajicas43thingsWhen i'll mark this as complete...

I have released one book this month and am due to release a couple more over the coming weeks. I think if i’ve released 10 by Christmas i’ll consider this completed. After that i’ll be living very near an OBXZ so it will be easy to keep up. 5 years ago

sunlightbubReleased 5 today

..at Delemere Forest – no JE’s yet, but I’m hopeful! 6 years ago

erinyesTo Much Work...

Bookcrossing is not my thing. It is to much work to register books and no one gives fed back.

I am not much of a reader anymore. 6 years ago

camisIn the wild

I thin I can safely mark this as doen as I am now regulalry releasing books. Out of 30 I’ve released so far this month I’ve had 4 caught and journalled – yay!! Plus a book I released over 3 years ago has recently been journalled as well, so never gove up hope on getting a catch. 7 years ago

Bessarabian GirlUntitled

I love bookcrossing.com and its principle of committing random acts of literacy! 7 years ago

imajicas43thingsShould work well with my '50 books in 2007' thing

If I can wild release 50 books this year i’ll be happy :) Maybe i’ll actually get a release of mine caught this year! 7 years ago

tiggsybabesNot a good year for me

I hardly wild released any books last year as my PND just made me not be bothered by most of the things that I love doing. I’m starting my 43 things list again for 2007, so am having a tidy up. 7 years ago


changing goal to one specifically for 2007 7 years ago

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