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Dalia MoatazLive in London with my best friend!

Ever since I was a child, I was always fantasized by the view of the glorious Big Ben standing tall in the middle of London. Over the years, my love to this city grew more by the day till finally I had the chance to visit it my self and indulge my self with its beauty.

I’ve known my best friend for 5 years now. She too has visited London and just fell in love with it the same way I did back then. We became literally OBSESSED with London; the architecture, the English flag, the big red bus, and even the accent.
This maybe sounds off but the British accent has its special ring in your ear making it utterly irresistible.

And besides we all know that an ENGLISH GUY is every girl’s dream. Am I right girls or am I right? 8 months ago

Daffer_KentI lived in London for 8 years

London is an amazing city 10 months ago


I moved to London as a lifelong dream.

It is unlike anything else. Definitely something you have to do once in your lifetime! 14 months ago

thismuchistrueWow! Time changes things.

So since writing my original entry, I’ve spent five more months living in London. And, interestingly, my time there in 2011 was even better than 2010. It was so good I can’t even explain it, really. I am not moving this to complete because I want to live there long-term, but as of now I can very comfortably say that I have a real and full life in London. I can also say, for better or for worse, that I have more friends there then I have in the states! It’s where I’m happiest, and I will probably never feel fully settled until I’m living there full time. 19 months ago

soulwithwildeyes4I can't wait till the day I can say bon voyage.

I’m being called to London towne. I feel it in my fibers. Its the right fit for me right now. Hopefully, will be there by next year. Probably, a study abroad program with my school…but who knows? I can already hear the music, feel the chill of winter’s breeze, and taste the Lady Grey tea. I want to work at Lindsey Jay’s fitness studio or at least attend it. and write about everything. 19 months ago


London is the most amzing and awesome place ever and it has been my dream to live there for quite a while. I just like its buzz and I feel like it’s home. Plus my best friend lives there so I would get to see her more often and the rest of my mums side of the family live there too. I would especially like to live in Camden because I love Camden Market and the locks. I also want to live in a big city with a multicultural population, lots of different things to do, places to go and things to buy. Living in London is one of my biggest dreams and I would be truly disappointed if I didn’t achieve this goal. I know it’s expensive but I don’t mind living in a small flat, it’s my surroundings that count. First of all I’ll have to get out of Germany and it will take some time until I’m old enough but I can wait… 22 months ago

Alicia Arayaeven if just for a spell

don’t know why – my friend’s there completing a PhD in numismatics – would be fun to see her – then there’s the JMW TUrner exhibit I’d like to live with for a while – but mostly it just sort of is calling me, the whole entirety of it 22 months ago

awkwardcatsuniteCan't Say How Long

this has been a goal of mine. Years. I remember fantasizing about living in England from about the age of 10. I’m not sure what it is about it, but I’ve always just found it sort of…mystical. Maybe it’s the fog.

Anyway, my first goal is to study abroad somewhere in England. From there we shall see where this goes. 2 years ago

mustafaraeeAugust 2012

Need to find a flat in New Cross 2 years ago


doing it right now! love it :) next stop, NYC baby!! 3 years ago

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