stop doing things for money that destroy my soul

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Ok. I just quit two loser jobs, no three, over the last couple of months. I’m putting myself on the straight and narrow and I THINK I can retire this goal – with God’s mercy and grace over my life. 6 years ago


Waitressing and lawyering both occupy this category. Isn’t that funny. 6 years ago


Really anxious about this weekend with my work schedule combined with the bar course.

The one saving grace is that I may get out of work a few hours early tomorrow because of the Monday holiday. 6 years ago


I really, really, really must stop chasing the almighty dollar! More than half of my problems and frustrations occur because I am trying to make/have more money! There has got to be an easier way. I wish I had gone through with a couple of investments a while ago. The two companies I almost invested in are doing extremely well. Oh well, no use crying over spilt milk. I had my reasons.

I worked until 6 on Friday, then waitressed until 1 am; then waitressed again from 6-1 am on Saturday; got up at 7 am, took a class, left early to waitress again; came home, where I am now, utterly exhausted, for a few minutes before I have to go back to waitress until about 11.

Then tomorrow, it’s work until 7 and waitressing again until midnight.

This is sucking, although the waitressing is allowing me to not use my ATM card and to pay for the really healthy lifestyle I’ve adopted lately. Health food, especially raw food is super expensive.

So what! I wasn’t meant to earn my living through my body like a farmer or coal miner. 6 years ago


How’s this for an entry? I am sick, that is no lie, but, I am preventing my own healing in order to be able to truthfully use my sickness as a legitmate excuse to not go to work, because I have a super-short term gig that I’m doing at the same time. 6 years ago


Yeah, yeah, yeah, even as I sit now, by the phone, waiting for a call for a low wage job that will suck. And, and, this call will be from a heartless agency that treats clients like cattle.

I just need to win the lottery really and it’ll all be better. REALLY! 7 years ago


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