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Manitou Springs, CO 6 months ago

RainPrincess7I went zip-lining

I went zip-lining with my brother this year. It was epic! I can’t wait to go again next year for the even harder course. Again, it was EPIC! 7 months ago

sue820This was a challenge to me.

DH is going through a searching phase, and I want to go with him, so I’m along for the ride. This is something he wanted to do. I’m afraid of heights, so it wasn’t something I would have picked. I could have declined, but decided I didn’t want my fears to define me, and I wanted to stretch those boundaries. I went with the attitude, “Aren’t I lucky? I get to see a view of God’s creation many people never see.” That and a certain fatalistic attitude saw me through and even allowed me to enjoy it after the initial two runs. 9 months ago

kottaveiwooo hooo

ziplining was a very fun thing todo. i went skydiving first a few weeks ago so it wasn’t scary at all but very relaxing. i’ll do it again and take my kids. 10 months ago

Jackie NUntitled

Finally went with siblings and nephew while visiting Catalina Island. Great experience! 15 months ago

guillemets2+km of zips

I did the most amazing thing yesterday: Friday night my friend sent me a message asking if ziplining was still a thing I was interested in; he was trying to round up some people to go this weekend as it had been on his mind. He couldn’t find anyone else on such short notice, but he picked me up Saturday morning anyway and we went out to Sooke where they have a course of 7 lines through the trees at the top of a mountain. One of them is a kilometer long and quite high up.

Stepping off the platform each time was scary, but it seems as though my fear of heights has largely dissipated over the last year or so. Maybe my fear of lots of things, come to think of it. Zooming over the treetops was just incredible. We both had so much fun and it was a great day to spend my Saturday afternoon. 20 months ago

CitrusOneZip-lining: Success!

I recommend ZipTrek (they have ziplines in several parts of the world; I went to the one at Whistler). 20 months ago


Did this in Laos. It was great fun! 2 years ago

MonarchAmadaSo much fun!

I had the amazing opportunity to go zip-lining in Costa Rica, and I went for it! It was exhilarating, a little scary, and peaceful all at the same time. I can’t wait to go again! 2 years ago

creatiniCruise ship

I finally went and it was awesome, not at all scary once I actually started moving! 2 years ago

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