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Meditate more often

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Amrita SinghUntitled

Been waking up every morning at 3am to meditate and when im done i feel ready for the day…:) 7 months ago

Healing Herameditation...

I do meditate but only snippets at a time. I’ve always said five to ten mins a day is better than a half hour once a week.
But I feel I need to get in there more. Deep within. Find the Silence and Clarity ;) 2 years ago

cookiedoughcreating a habit

I have been meditating consistently in the mornings for about 15 minutes for the past 3 months. I think it’s help me better cope with some difficult life issues and decrease my level of worry/stress 2 years ago

lisa mcdanielshell island

I started going to shell island and I found that this is my sacred place where I can disconnect from the entire world. 3 years ago

James RiddleFor clarity

I’m actually proficient at meditation, I’ve done it for 20 years. I just don’t do it anywhere near enough. It’s the best method I have to get rid of stress, but if I don’t take the opportunity to meditate, it does me no good. 3 years ago

wanderingbecCalmness and clarity...

It feels right to do it and life is a much better fit as a result, but I’m a fickle and inconsistent creature. 3 years ago


i have done this a couple times; relaxing music going, lights off, complete darkness, eyes shut, concentrating on my breathing, and i feel GREAT. i need to do that more, again. 4 years ago

vmking1988Meditating More Often

I think it all started when a crazy little book called “2012” came along,and me and my bofriend freaked out about it. We read a theory about how the Axtecs “disappeared” off the planet without a trace, and it just so happed that theory was meditating. Crazy I know. The theory is that they achieved true enlightenment and were able to “transport” their body’s from this earth to another unknown place… yea… far fetched. BUT! I did a lot of research and found that meditating really does help and at times heal the body. It took a few break downs to submit to such a bizzare practise, but when I did it was… amazing! I never felt so… I guess the best word to describe it would be… light. It was as if all my troubles flowed out and I was filled with positive energy. Really if you concentrate enough, and focus on your breathing or a single word, and NOTHING else you really do start to feel this “energy” flowing through you. I know that sounds weird but give it a try. I usually listen to meditating music or just soft relaxing music to help clear my head and keep me focused. The trick is to focus on your breath. Try to clear your head and think of nothing. It takes practise like everything else, but you’ll start to notice a difference when you do it more often. 4 years ago


I really wish for extreme financial success…..like loads of money and opulence 4 years ago

dvonneMy calling

All that is mine by divine right i now receive in perfect ways…..i am living my dream!!! 4 years ago

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