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NordicSpiritMake a budget

For the next year. 5 months ago

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I’m writing a budget at the beginning of every month. However, I keep having unexpected expenses such as car repairs, etc. which is making it difficult. 18 months ago


I am seriously “White-knuckling” it through Jan and Feb, then I can breathe easier. I’ve got car insurance and tags due for 2 cars right after Christmas. 2 years ago


For right now, I am writing a budget at the beginning of every month. I’ve got a rough January and February coming up. Did one for January. 2 years ago

SmileDanaSmileSo Worth It!

My boyfriend and I did the Dave Ramsey FPU class Jan 2011 and it was the best $99 we ever spent! While a lot of what’s taught is common sense it was laid out in a very doable plan.

We are now budget masters! We’ve become so good at it that we help friends and family with their own.

The latest was a friend who is a single mom. She didn’t think she’s be able to afford X-mas gifts and catch up on bills she was behind. With a lot of crunching and cutting out a ton of “wants” over needs she’s 100% on track to being caught up January 1st. Her daughter also ended up with a bunch of gifts in the end.

We still love Dave Ramsey and listen to his radio show daily. We’re doing our baby steps, but we aren’t die hard like some people are. We’ve taken what works for us from his program and use that. What didn’t work we either left out for now or switched it up to fit us.

If anyone needs help feel free to ask!

Just so you have some numbers:
Starting Debt: $22,000
Debt when I took FPU Jan 2011: $20,000
As of December 26, 2011: $975

I’m under a $1,000!

I did this all on a $22,000 take home income.

Were there tears? Yes.
Did I throw a few fits? Yes.
Did I have some major “want” moments? Yes.
Was it hard? At first!

It is so worth it though. My boyfriend and I found so many free events in our area for fun. We would save up for special things like a convention or haunted house.

I’m also less of a consumer. It’s amazing what you can live without.

The key is to get fun money! Some paychecks I only got $10 of fun money and it became a game to figure out how to make it stretch out. If you can get $10 a paycheck of fun money you’ll be able to give yourself some little reward.

Sell what you don’t really need, want, or use any more. There are a ton of Buy, Sell, Trade groups on Facebook. Some months I made an extra $100. Every little bit counts. 2 years ago

SydneySort of created an overview...

I have yet to make specifics yet, but I also don’t have my own expenses to worry about. I sent an overview of where my loan money goes to – what is school, rent, groceries, gas, etc… – in an attempt to show that I have no money left to go out an do anything like even BOWL. Once that was made, I had a better overview of everything I spend my money on – this came a lot from tracking expenses. I hope to have this well established by the time I have my own salary (which I totally can’t wait for). 2 years ago

Bill is in Alexandria, VA Living happily ever after.I made a budget

it’s a list of categories, including support for my kids and ex, personal expenses, household expenses, transportation and extraordinary expenses.

I looked back at Oct/Nov/Dec of 2010 and analyzed where I was spending money to give me ideas about what to think about for future budget items.

I think I’m well prepared for using this form for categorizing my expenses for January 2011.

Happy I did this. 3 years ago


one of my new years resolutions is to make a budget. Will start with the next pay day 3 years ago

VanessaNewlyweds on one income

My husband (yikes!) and I just got married on Friday. For the past few months I’ve been saying we need to set a budget because I cannot work until I have a spouse visa and he doesn’t make enough for us to keep spending as we do. This past month has been horrendous for our finances (though it’s been amazing fun). He was paid Sunday, so I think we need to live with an impressive amount of frugality this month to undo the damage of last month.

We’re still planning our wedding ceremony, which will take place in October because that’s when my parents can get to the UK for it, so we’ve still got plenty immediate reason to rein in our spending. And beyond that, everyone’s telling us it’s a buyer’s market for housing, and even if we don’t buy soon, it would be nice for us to at least be saving for a future home.

Once I have work things will be less tight, but today is the day we go through our spending and figure out what needs axing.

Any quick tips for us? Thanks! 3 years ago

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