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Eimearsimple but effective

gave my credit union book to my mother, who lives right beside it and works only part time. So now all I have to do is give her whatever I want to save and she will drop it in when passing. Why didn’t I think of this before? Had been causing me problems as its only open late one day a week! 2 years ago

EimearVisited the Credit Union today

popped in a tenner…...looked at the woman behind the counter blankly when she asked if I had filled in my slip….. thankfully she was a patient person :-) Don’t mind how small the amount is, as long as I start putting something away regularly. 2 years ago

EimearMy goals are all starting to sound very sensible and worthy

but I need to get this one going, so I can afford to be wild and whacky and adventurous :-) I will start with replacing the 200 euro I borrowed to go away last weekend. 2 years ago


CANT BUY ME LOVE CANT BUY ME HAPPINESS! Really? It can certainly help in both departments and if I want financial freedom I better start doing something about it. 2 years ago

ochidlSavings account

Uboc 4 years ago


If I work weekends I will set aside £15 for the bank 4 years ago


Half any overtime money I will put aside and then
Deposit it in the bank 4 years ago


When I get paid, deposit £15 every week 4 years ago


Deposit £100 pounds on opening day. 4 years ago


Open a new bank account, with either Lloyds TSB, or NatWest. 4 years ago

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