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accept the things I cannot change, have courage to change the things I can and have the wisdom to know the difference


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There are two kinds of things I can meet everyday, one is good thing,
the other is the thing which i temporarily can’t be aware of its goodness. 4 years ago

shelagh_cHave the wisdom...

I feel I am currently experiencing a How God tells you it’s time to change story. Once emotions have calmed down, I can clearly see the message: you are too good to keep being what you are; you have to go further, you have to expand. Although nobody will throw you away, feel encouraged and supported to grow. Yay thanks! 4 years ago


I have just realized that this goal is like a prayer. I re-read it again and again and (feeling a bit crappy at the moment…) realize how powerful this sentence is.

Accept the things I cannot change => do not fight with fire; do not waste your energy on actions that are unlikely to get you value added. Let it go.

Have the courage to change the things I can change => you are worth it; keep your eyes wide open; use your talents to make your life a work of art. Be brave in your decisions. Always go for the most difficult thing on the earth.

Have the wisdom to know the difference4 years ago

Lester68If only...

Sounds so good
Feels so hard 4 years ago


I love you so much, but I know if I continue to live with you we will end up destroying ourselves. I can deal with the name calling, the petty talk, but what I cant deal with is the lack of respect we once had for each other. Even though it has been 30 years that we have been together, I want my remaining years to be spent in peace with myself.
Goodbye. 5 years ago

mr_777Accepting... Knowing... Changing!!! This is the answer for me.

My marriage is coming to an end. Well, at least it certainly appears to be. I have caused a lot of grief & feelings of disappointment with those that I love, through my inability to focus & realize that I have not been the husband, father & man that God requires me to be. I have allowed my unseen mental struggles with Adult ADHD control my life, eventhough I didn’t know it until about a year ago. I will be 41 on November 18th. Regardless of the circumstances, I clearly was not focusing on my family in a responsible and loving way. I didn’t put together the pieces of the, not too complicated, puzzle quick enough to see the full picture. I have been so heartbroken and sad over what I am facing and losing my wife, and not being home every night to kiss my 4 girls goodnight, or seeing them in the morning to start off their day with a, “Have a great day. I love you!”. As sad as that has made me, and believe me there’s a much bigger feeling of loss, I just don’t have the time or probably space to put it all down at once.

I have been trying so hard to show my wife that we belong together, and that I am making progress, and I realize the pain that I have brought on my family, namely her for the past 13 years that we’ve been married, 16 years that we’ve been together as of yesterday. I know what I must do & I’m a better person for the going through struggles that we have. Her only response is, “Good! Then the next relationship you have will reap the rewards of my suffering.” Wow!!! That’s a hard pill to swallow, and I have refused to take that medicine. However, I am a believer & follower of Jesus Christ, and I know and trust that he wants what’s best for me. I realize that this isn’t it.

I am not a bad person by the standard definition. I have never had a problem with drinking, drugs or women. I am not violent or indifferent. I do all of the grocery shopping and almost all of the cooking. I have never so much as called her a nasty name, let alone been abusive, yet she would tell you that I have abused her far worse than any of these other things that I could have been done, by taking advantage of how much she loved me & not fulfilling the needs of my family, and breaking my promises to get a job & make things better, and by filling her with false hope. I can admit that I HAVE made bad decisions & choices. I take full responsibility for my downfalls & how I have disappointed so many that once believed in me. This is where I can now say that I just didn’t know the difference.

My wife’s view of me can’t be changed. I felt so deeply that she would truly see the man that I am & what I am capable of, now that I have focus, I’m taking medication & seeing a therapist. I have even finished my resume & applied to several jobs. I finally see that none of that matters. She is fully commited to a divorce. I can’t say that I haven’t had the courage to change the things that I can, but up until now I didn’t quite get the other two parts of acceptance and wisdom. I do now. 5 years ago

buildinganempireCome on Steve! We've Got Some Diem to Carpe!

I’m learning, I think, to start accepting things the way they are. I can only change me, not other people, and sometimes not even situations. I’m striving for the wisdom to know when the situation is something I can change and when it’s something I have no control over what so ever. It’s hard to give up control. Extremely hard. I know the Christians always say “Let go and let God.” I’m not sure I believe in that, per se. But I definitely have to let go. And let life, I guess, just figure itself out.

::Movie to See:: Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs 5 years ago

shelagh_cI have to work on

the phrase in the middle: have courage to change the things I can. However, I would cross out courage and replace it with, say, energy/motivation. 5 years ago

my_worldLove this

It’s so hard to accept the things you can’t change. I hope I will be able to do this one day. Then, I’ll be more peaceful & my anxiety will die down. 5 years ago


have the courage to make the difference. and to make the difference. and the difference. to make. the difference. 5 years ago

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