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I want my weight to be 125 lbs. 7 years ago

nrockwell_09uh oh

i’m 15 years old 5 foot 5 inches..and i weigh 106…my friends can take three hands and go around my waste..with some to spare..i’ve lost 7 pounds over the summer and am not really happy about it, i think the main reason is i’m mind over matter, i can imagine me eating food and not be hungry anymore, but also i’ve gotten to the point where eating in the morning or at night makes me sick the next day..and i’m to buzy to eat at lunch so..i’ve always been physically fit and i would like to know if there is any possible way to gain weight without getting out of shape? any idea??? 7 years ago

shhsecretExcited about what's to come!

I feel like I’m finally getting to the point where I really feel like I want to and CAN make improvement on myself again. I’m so happy about this renewed enthusiasm within myself. I just started working out again yesterday morning and already I’m feeling good. I can tell my muscles have been worked some and I love that feeling of having sore muscles, it makes me feel like I’m really improving. I’m female, but unlike most females, I want to gain weight. I have a very high metabolism and the only way for me to gain weight is by working out and gaining muscle. I used to work out but since I’ve stopped I’ve lost 10 pounds… I can’t afford to lose. Working out not only makes me look better, but of course makes me feel better. I have more energy, stamina, confidence, my disposition is more positive, and I automatically have a better appetite. I will be working out some days, and other days walking… and eventually running again. I have some muscle to build up before I jump into running again. I’m so excited about what’s to come!! 7 years ago


I started lifting last weekend and I am feeling better than I have in months. I want to lose the excess fat and put on some weight in my shoulders… it is going to be some work but I think I am up to it. 7 years ago

shhsecretmy motivation's coming alive

I started working out again last week with a friend. Hopefully doing this will really get me going again. I need to clean up my room so I can start doing my stretches and strength building again. That’s something I really need to do before I’ll start to feel REALLY motivated again. 8 years ago


Well I never really tried, I’ve gained weight by eating more unhealthily and I’d recommend it to anyone! I’ll probably look 50 when I’m 40 and I have a heart attack when I am 50. To be honest I don’t really care at the moment… 8 years ago

danderGet to 135

I’m at 5 ft 7, and 122 lbs, and I’d like to get to 135 in five months maybe. I plan on doing this by maintaining consistency in drinking thick shakes of icecream, peanutbutter, milk, and maybe vita supplements (do they work?). I’ll balance that out with daily pushups. 8 years ago


well, i started at 150. by working out, i’ve gotten up to 157. hope to crack 160 by the end of november. targeting 165 long term. 8 years ago

RichSkinny Ass

So I’m meant to be joining the gym some time in the next week….. maybe if I get someone to go with me it’ll be okay! Well that’s it :-p 8 years ago

dantekimthe Target weight

  • 2005/10/05: 58Kg
  • target: 65Kg 8 years ago

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