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l, 3 years ago

Gerardo GarciaUntitled

jaja3 years ago


I’m so tired of never hearing whats being said in a crowd. its embarrasing when people are talking to you and I have to ask them to repeat themselves five or six times? 4 years ago


how cool would that be? 4 years ago

reecho311I recommend: Watching interviews of hot people with no sound

I didn’t have any way to listen to sound on my computer for a bit and was watching an interview with Misha Collins (I know it’s ridiculous to watch an interview that you can’t hear, but he’s pretty, and his smiling makes me smile. XD), and found that I could tell about a tenth of what he said, and I could tell he said “um” a lot. XD An improvement.

Although this might be skewed a bit, cause I’m obsessed with him and can read his face really well. 4 years ago

Safyre HindsMy boyfriend teases me

And therefore I want to be able to see what he’s teasing me about!! 4 years ago


how do i learn how to read lips on this site? 5 years ago


read lips? 5 years ago

nardenIN HeLL

noTHING IMPORTANT5 years ago


I got inspired while watching Monk one day, and decided that it would be VERY useful. I already do sometimes in TV openings, if I remember a clip from one of the episodes. Let’s do it! 5 years ago

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