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Wileria (Flame)hey,

You should check out the design a magical academy goal if you haven’t already, just spreading the word 2 weeks ago

Wileria (Flame)hi

How do you do this? 3 weeks ago

Abigail Natashaability

that would be really cool! i want to know what people think about me. 3 years ago

hook54321aHow To Read Minds

Pupils-The bigger a person pupils are at that moment the more intersted they are in something they are looking at or thinking about

If that person is look to there left they COULD! be lying

Hope this helps! 3 years ago


iv always wanted to read minds is there anyone who can help? i would aprisheate any ones coments 3 years ago


hiyaa does eny1 no how to find your spirit animal? pls comment xx 3 years ago

NikkiMeghrayeIt is possible in a way but its sometimes annoying.

I dont know if it was something i was born with or if i attained it over the years but i can feel peoples emotions(if you dont know what i mean, i suppose you could compare it to jasper from twilight except i cant influence emotions, only feel them). But it seems like if I’m calm or focused I can feel emotions more. Like, if i meditate and then think of somebody im close to, i feel there emotion, example:i could be happy but if i focus and the person im thinking about is sad, i feel that sadness, my emotion will change to sadness. if theyre bored, my emotion will change to bored, etc. that part is kind of cool but it can get annoying. for example, i was at school and i was like really happy. i wasnt trying to feel anybodys emotions but one of my friends was sitting next to me and they were sad which in turn caused me to feel sad. im not sure why it happened, i guess its because i was right next to them, but ive been able to do this for years and im 14. if you want to try i suggest meditation, but it may just be something i was born with. 3 years ago

MerFan121I can read merminds!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OMG OMG OMG so the other day I read a mermaids mind!!!!!!!!!!!! I used the magic spell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I didnt get a pic of the mermaid, but its tail was blue, it had pink sparkles, and pretty glitter!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Its body was purple with green sprinkles!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVED IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!
if anybody has anymore spells give them to me so I can see my dream mermaid.
My dream mermaid is cool!!!!!!!!!!
I love it!!!
it even has a merhusband who is a dude and rocks my world!!!!!!!!!!!!

thanks to anyone with a mermaid spell!

lolliee3i would love this

listen in to everyones personal lives. Happy dayss :) REVEAL THOSE BITCHES arghhh !! :@ 4 years ago

artistic_flameI really want to read minds!

I want to do it because I feel like I could help people and, It would be fun ;) 4 years ago

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