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now i’ll just have to keep on it…i’m committed to regularly updating my top 10-15 goals, and the others can slide a little:) 6 years ago


And when I add a new goal, I’m going to make sure that I write an entry. 8 years ago

tpoqabpart of making the goals concrete

and making sure that i don’t forget about things – regular entry writing. of course, ‘regular’ is in itself vague. i think if i get an entry for every goal by the end of this week, and then write updates where appropriate twice a week, that’ll be good. 8 years ago

KatchooNow I just have to keep up with updating each of them!

I need to remember to set some little goals in with the big long term conceptual ones….it’s nice to check them off! 8 years ago

KatchooDone most but not all...

And the ones that are left uncommented so far are the harder ones to think of anything to say about at this point…but I’m working on it! 8 years ago


I feel like my list has been fleshed out. And in that very blogger-esque way, I feel like I’ve shared a little bit more of myself out in cyberspace. God I hate that term, yet I used it. Ah well. Can’t be perfect all of the time. Or ever. 8 years ago


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