loose weight; see a 67,x on my scale for at least two days in a row

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Albynot on time but not too late

I accomplished this goal exactly 1 week after the set date.
In this case: So what !
I started loosing one week later than planned, I feel very good now, so it’s perfect.

Ready to go for the next round. 6 years ago


My set-point was March 18th for starting to loose weight.
I did not make that but needed some time to sneak out of the habit of really bad eating.
Now I’m on a good way. I lost already 2 kilos. that is exactly the amount I plan for one month so I did well despite the late start.

Since I know from experience the first kilos are the eastiest (after the start) I want to use 43things to keep me going. 7 years ago


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